HelloWebDev - Curated Collection of all web development resources in one place.

HelloWebDev - Curated Collection of all web development resources in one place.

Hello there, I'm Pavan. I'm a full-stack web developer. I like to write about web development and DevOps. I thought of a problem that most of the devs are facing every day. And I’ll walk you through my solution. Let’s start 🚀


When I was getting started with web development I had to spend most of the time finding the right resources and this happens to many people who are getting started with not only web development but other domains too. We search for good resources, even though we find some, that won’t be good at all. And then we start searching again.

I see many people going through the same phase, I try to share some free resources but still, there are many people out there who wish that they could find everything they wanted to get started all available in one place.

That’s when this idea came to my head, that I can make a platform where all the free resources are listed. That’s why I built hellowebdev - A free open-source website that has a complete curated collection of resources for web development in one place.


As I said it’s a curated collection of all web development resources in one place.

Here’s the link🔗

Live Demo


What can I do with Hellowebdev?ℹ️

Hellowebdev lists all the free resources available among these 4 categories - libraries, code snippets, courses, amazing articles.

Hellowebdev also lets anybody list free resources under the above mentions category.

Hellowebdev also has a wall of contributors to thank all of the contributors for their contributions.

Note: The resources that are listed will be verified later to prevent spam and misuse of the platform.

Planning the project

My vision was to add few features so that I can finish this project in 3 weeks, So initially I started planning the main features, listing out what type of data I need, went through dribble and Behance for design inspiration, after designing the application I didn’t want to make the development more complicated, so I choose few and minimal tech stack - React and firebase.


Development was an awesome experience, developing something in such a short period was a really wonderful learning opportunity. Obviously, I ran into some challenges, where I spent most of my time trying to solve them, but it was totally worth it, I got to try many new libraries, customized them according to my need. Finally, I hosted the app in vercel.


I found myself with many errors and bugs, but the hardest one among all of these was implementing Algolia. Algolia is an amazing AI-powered search library. It was my first time working with algolia, and I was baffled about how to implement it according to the project need. But later I made my own custom search function and implemented the search feature with it for now. And I'm working on implementing algolia for version 2.

What I learned

To be honest I don’t have much knowledge of CSS, for most of my projects I use design systems like material UI or reactstrap. But for this project, i wanted to write CSS on my own, particularly SASS. So I learned how to work with sass and successfully implemented it, specifically I learned how to work with sass variables and make a reusable CSS code for my components.

My Accomplishments

I always wanted to build or contribute to an open-source app. I tried contributing in many events like hacktoberfest etc. But i always wanted to make an open-source app that benefits people, and now after building it, I shared the app link on Twitter, and actually, I got a few likes, and I shared it among my friends many have already started contributing to the project and a few already started listing resources, all these really make me proud.

What's next for Hellowebdev

This is not the end, Hellowebdev will scale and I’m sure it will help most of the people out there, I’m already working on the new design and migrating to a different tech stack. Some of the upcoming features are

  • Optimized search

  • Resource grouping and sharing (similar to the playlist on youtube)

  • Improved UI/UX

  • Simplified resource listing process


I hope you had a pleasant experience with hellowebdev, if you could list any resource that would be great or you could at least give some awesome reactions and add a review of the project in the comments. Looking forward to your feedback & suggestions.


The project is fully opensource so you could add an issue and create a pull request on Github.


The project is licensed under MIT

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